Welcome to Sohra

Welcome to Sohra

About Sohra

Sitting on the southern part of the Khasi hills, Sohra is widely known for its exquisite beauty and heavy rainfall and has attracted visitors from every corner of the world. Apart from its scenic fame, Sohra is also historically significant as evident from it being the capital of Assam in the yester years of British colonial period and the cradle of modern Khasi Literature.

Despite being one of the youngest “Hima”s in the Khasi Hills, Sohra is surpiringly quite rich in history, though many attempts to revive the lost historical pieces are still underway. This is largely due to the limited durability of knowledge in the oral culture of the Khasi people.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Sohra and other places in the Khasi hills is that they are rich in mythologies and legends. These mythologies are passed down from generation to generations by word of mouth. In fact, much of Sohra’s literature in the olden days is dedicated to exploring and documenting these mythologies. Ever heard of “U Thlen”???

Because of the extreme heavy rains in the area, Sohra is unfit for cultivation and business, government service and teaching, though farming and fishery is also dominant in the outskirts of the town hence agriculture is strictly limited here. Major occupations are trade and marketing, construction. Tourism here is a booming industry.



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