This Monsoon, Pick These 5 Adventure Plans!

Have you ever felt like you are spoilt for choices on whether which locations should you pick on reaching Sohra? Or rather planned to go for another location only to find out at the last moment that it is inaccessible? Worry no more because through this post we will try to help you plan your trip across the circuit this monsoon like no other. More than just feast for the eyes, these locations are mostly lesser known to an average traveller, so here we go!


1. Mawkawir-Nongriat-Tyrna Trek: Nongriat, as we all know, hosts the famous Living-root bridges, one which is the only Double-decker bridge known today. Scores of visitors pour down to this beautiful place for years and yet love to revisit again and again. You can start from Mawkawir village into Mawlakhiat point and through the steepy steps of Pyndem Dkhar village which requires one to climb (both up and down) on all four limbs! Moreover, on reaching Nongriat you will also catch a rear view of Nohkalikai along with Wah Umsaw falls. Please note that THIS TREK IS NOT FOR STARTERS as it will be quite challenging.

Mawlakhiat View Point

Double Decker Living Root Bridge

2. Laitryngew to Dainthlen Trek: This is the trek everyone loves! It does not involve much heavy duty hiking and climbing like most, so that is some relief! You can begin the journey from Laitryngew village where you will reach Wah Mawsawdong sooner than you can imagine and on following the river you’d better brace yourselves because you will be enchanted by a string of waterfalls and cascades, namely, Diengdoh falls, the magnificent three-tiered Lyngksiar falls, Janailar falls and concluding the journey with Mawsawa falls just ahead of the famous Dainthlen falls! Be prepared to have your minds blown! The only thing you need to be careful of is the slippery river bed. Pro tip: Hang your shoes and put on cotton socks for some gripping!

Diengdoh Falls taken during the winter, sorry!

Lyngksiar Falls’ lowest tier

Janailar Falls

Mawsawa Falls


3. Ladmawphlang-Mawphlang trek along the David Scott trail: The said trails are found all around Sohra, named after the British Political Agent, David Scott, set up during the early 1800s! This particular path starts from Ladmawphlang village taking you to “Mawnguidbriew”, a rock that is known to ‘swallow’ people according to the local folklore, popularized by the Khasi song of the same name. From there you can move on through lush green rain forests that would lead you to Umiam river and crossing it will eventually lead you to Mawphlang. Mawphlang is well renowned for the iconic Sacred Groves. This is the whole package; covers quite a long distance and a joy to most people as it is devoid of steep steps.

David Scott Trail, Mawbeh

4. Rangjyrteh-‘Wei Sawdong-Dainthlen falls trek: From the well-known yesteryear’s Iron smeltng/trading hub- Rangjyrteh to the magnificient “gem in the forest”, ‘Wei Sawdong, more cascades to blow your mind and to top it by climbing upstream to the Dainthlen plunge pool! This is a hell of a trek where cotton socks would work better than your hiking shoes! Check out this video shot on October last year:

‘Wei Sawdong

5. Wah Kaba falls-Laitmawsiang Trek: This one starts from Wah Kaba falls view point and hiking over the hills through Latara falls and Iapkhnai falls, you’ll see a clearest view of the Sohra town across the gorge! Not only that, on reaching Laitmawsiang village you can also visit Ka Bri Ki Synrang (Garden of Caves)!

Wah Kaba Falls


Asdad Waterfall, Ka Bri Ki Synrang

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